Keanu Reeves Wants Another ‘John Wick’ Movie; Stars In New Trailer For 'The Bad Batch' With Jason Momoa

With “John Wick: Chapter 2” making headlines just recently, being received well by both critics and fans, it does not come as a surprise that fans would want more. Keanu Reeves himself has commented on the notion and said he wants to make another “John Wick” movie. Reeves clearly is at the top of his game right now as a new trailer for “The Bad Batch” was just released featuring him and Jason Momoa.

Keanu Reeves himself is up for a third “John Wick” movie because he loves the character and that world. He said that it is up to the audience whether or not there will be another movie. He further said that if people enjoyed “John Wick: Chapter 2”, there will be a huge possibility that there will be another action-packed movie starring John Wick.

The second "John Wick" film has made about $40 million in the box office just a few days after its premiere and its success alone can probably guarantee another sequel. The production of “John Wick: Chapter 2” made sure that the movie could be seen by more audience as they had to delete and adjust some scenes to avoid getting an 18 rating. Aside from that, fans pointed out that the story of the second “John Wick” movie may have paved way for a third installment.

Chad Stahelski, director of “John Wick: Chapter 2” has clarified though that Lionsgate has not given the go signal yet for “John Wick 3”. He shared that they were already given time to think about “John Wick 3” and so far, nobody has committed to anything specific yet. He admitted that, personally, he would like to get involved in some creative capacity.

Meanwhile, the trailer for “The Bad Batch”, starring Reeves, Jason Momoa, Giovanni Ribisi, and Suki Waterhouse, has just been released and it is sick and awesome at the same time. Despite the tone of the trailer, the movie is actually a love story lost in a desert wasteland where a community of cannibals resides. The romantic horror thriller film is set to premiere in the United States on June 23 this year.

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