2017 Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Sale: Get Up To $250 Discount

Once again, Microsoft is giving away solid discounts for its Surface devices. This isn't the first time that the company has done this and it's highly likely that this won't be the last either. So if you're in the market for a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book, now is the best time to buy it. Do note, however, that the current sale is focused on lower-end Surface models.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 February 2017 Sale

Right now, you can snag the Surface Pro Core m3/4GB RAM/128 GB storage model with a $200 discount. This brings the price down to $699 from the usual $899. The best part here is that this deal comes with a bundled Surface Pen. If you want a deal that doesn't include the pen accessory, know that Microsoft also has this offer but interestingly enough, the price is still $699. Needless to say, you've got to get the Surface Pen bundle to get the most out of the Surface deals instead.

If you want a higher Surface Pro 4 model, you can get $150 worth of discount for the Core i5/8 GB RAM/256 GB storage variant. This deal is now worth $1049 from the usual $1199. So far these are the current Surface Pro 4 models with price cuts. Other variants remain undiscounted.

Microsoft Surface Book February 2017 Sale

For those looking for a Surface laptop, you would be glad to know that you can get a $200 discount from the entry level Surface Book. The Core i5 model with 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM is now down to $1299 from the usual $1499. As per a Neowin report, if you want the Core i5/8 GB RAM/256 GB storage/dGPU model, you can now get it with a $250 price tag, falling from the usual price of $1899 to the discounted price of $1649.

Those are the current best deals that Microsoft is offering. If you're interested to get a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, know that the abovementioned on-sale items will remain discounted only until February 25. So if you want a good Surface convertible, now is the best time to get one.

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