Pokemon Sun And Moon: Here's How To Get Upcoming Mega Stones Earlier

Nintendo will be releasing the missing Mega Stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon starting this month. Learn how to get the two upcoming stones for Mawile and Beedrill earlier than the other players.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gets Its Missing Mega Stones

The sixth generation of Pokemon introduced the new Mega Evolution feature that had a major impact towards the series' competitive scene. Several monsters have the ability to evolve during battle which grants them amazing stat boosts. However, the current generation still lacks some Mega Stones which is the catalyst for evolving certain Pokemon.

Luckily, VG247 reports that Nintendo will begin releasing the missing items so that players can make the most out of the feature again. The first two Mega Stones that they will be releasing soon are the Mawilite and Beedrillite. Nintendo will soon be giving out a special code to fans that they can use to obtain the two Mega Stones. However, there is a way for some players to get them a few months before the official distribution.

Learn How to Get The First Two Earlier

Nintendo will be handing out the codes to fans who will participate in coming online competitions, as per WWG. One of these tournaments includes the 2017 International Challenge February competition which is a Double Battle strictly limited to Alola Pokemon. However, keep in mind that only a select number of players will be able to get an early access code.

They will be getting their Mega Stones around a month or two earlier as other players will get the same code through spring and summer. With this in mind, it is not required for fans to actually join the competitions. For now, there have been no further updates regarding which Mega Stones they will be giving out next. Fans can play Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS.

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