‘Ghost In The Shell' Gets New Special One-Shot Manga

Just as the new live-action film adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell” is about to grace cinemas, another great news regarding the franchise has just come up. Boichi has announced that he is working on the original characters of “Ghost in the Shell” series. The project is an up and coming special one-shot manga with a probably brand new story.

Korean manga artist and author, Boichi announced just a minute before Valentine’s Day, revealing the good news. He announced that he will be releasing a special one-shot manga for “Ghost in the Shell”. A one-shot manga means that he will only be releasing one volume, which will cover the entire story.

Boichi has revealed that he has joined Kodansha’s manga anthology in a local Japanese magazine where the original “Ghost in the Shell” manga series used to run from April 1989 until November 1990. Boichi has revealed that like many of his fans and his followers, he himself is a huge fan of Masamune Shirow, the original creator of the said manga series. He explained that he took on this project despite being already loaded with work related to the Shonen Jump serialization.

As a fan of Masamune Shirow’s work, he just could not reject the offer of working on a new “Ghost in the Shell” manga. Along with the announcement, he has already revealed some of the panels in his artwork, showing Major Motoko Kusanagi in all of them. He uploaded a colored teaser and two monochromatic drawings of the femme fatal cyborg.

Though there has been no release date yet for the new one-shot manga, it has been revealed that Kodansha has made all works part of the new “Ghost in the Shell” anthology due on March 31. The new one-shot is part of the new anthology of series. In the meantime, the new live-action film adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson will also make its debut in theaters on March 31.

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