Pokemon Go Update: Everything We Know About Unown So Far

Unown is a unique type of Pokemon specie since it possessed 28 sprites, which is based on the English alphabet. As previously reported, all of these sprites will be arriving on Pokemon Go's Gen 2 patch. Now that Gen 2 is released, fans are still confused how Unown's spawn works. It is because there are no further details released how the Pokemon shows itself.

Based on the main games, Unown can be found in ancient ruins, which gives them an air of mysteriousness. However, that mystique died out as time passes. As a result, Unown became just an ordinary Pokemon along with a list of hundred others.

Since Pokemon Go Gen 2 has been officially released, the topic was revived once again. Based on the report from Kotaku, most of the players are trying to discover where this type of Pokemon spawns.

Otakukart mentioned that there are 28 medals present in the game which are dedicated to each and every form of Unown. As a result, it is expected that the Pokemon is not region-locked. It would be unfair for some players if others can complete the badges, while some cannot.

Apparently, there are several reports that mentioned sightings of Unown. They may be true or not, it is still unclear if all Unown are present in the game. Perhaps, Niantic is saving them for a future Pokemon Go Event. On the other hand, it is said that Unown is considered as one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go right now. So far, players only saw a few variations of it online.

Based on the report, players are finding these Unowns in ordinary cities such as Milwaukee and Sydney. Aside from Unown's rarity, it is predicted that people will spell out words using Unown in gyms in the future. It is said that players could potentially make gym jokes through Unown. It should be very exciting if that kind of assumption happens. Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices.


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