Pokemon Go Gen 2 Guide: Tyrogue Evolution Trick

Niantic finally introduced Generation 2 to Pokemon Go several days ago which brought tons of new additions to the game. Meanwhile, there is one intriguing split evolution tree present in the new patch aside from the previous Eeveelution from Eevee. This new split evolution is dedicated to one of the Baby Pokemon, Tyrogue.

As recalled, Tyrogue has two evolved forms back in Generation 1 namely Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Apparently, the said baby Pokemon did not arrive until the Gen 2 patch. As a result, some players are confused on how its evolution works now that the update is live. It was previously reported that Tyrogue's evolution in previous Pokemon games was mainly based on its attack and defense.

The report said that if Tyrogue has a higher attack value compared to its defense, it will evolve into Hitmonchan. If it is the other way around, it will turn into Hitmonlee. Meanwhile, getting a Hitmontop will require a Tyrogue that has an equal attack and defense value.

Apparently, Tyrogue's evolution in Pokemon Go also depends on Tyrogue's stats. However, it seems like Niantic made some minor tweaks on its mechanism. Based on the report from Otakukart, several players already discovered how to get the exact Hitmon. The post from the popular anime blog site said that it is a bit complicated from Eevee's name trick.

Before evolving Tyrogue, players are required to appraise the Pokemon to know its stats. In addition, it will also reveal which stats are the highest. According to the post, getting a specific hitmon will correspond to these stats: Defense for Hitmonchan, Attack for Hitmonlee and HP for Hitmontop.

Meanwhile, knowing how the mechanism works does not guarantee a desired hitmon since it is mainly based on Tyrogue's stat line. Unlike Eevee's evolution, players can somehow control the evolution by applying the nickname trick. In Tyrogue's case, it will still depend on luck after receiving a lucky hatch. Pokemon Go is available on Android and iOS devices.


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