'Vikings' Season 5: Alex Høgh Andersen Teases Ivar's Love Life; Floki Changes His Fate?

Previous reports already revealed how Ivar Lothbrok will become a key player in "Vikings" season 5. Both the trailer and spoilers have it that the deaths from the past will eventually catch up with the Lothbrok brothers, most especially Ivar who killed Sigurd. However, Alex Høgh Andersen teased that something good will also come to his character in the upcoming installment.

"Vikings" season 4 showed the glory days of Ivar, and historically, he is indeed a well-known Viking. However, his uncontrollable temper placed him in a difficult situation that might change his life forever. It was then teased that Ivar's actions will bring about a division between him and his brothers as talks have it that Sigurd's death will lead to a world war.

Furthermore, Ivar will stop at nothing to avenge his mother's death whom he refers to as the only woman who loved her. Theories claim that among the Lothbrok brothers, it will be Ivar who will successfully take the life of Lagertha. Despite all these bouts, though, it seems that Ivar will also get some consolation through a supposed love life.

Andersen talked about what the fans can expect from his character Ivar in the upcoming "Vikings" season 5. He told EW: "Determined, still angry, violent, but also in love," says the actor. "He's completely out of touch with reality and his emotions."

Although season 5 is expected to see heavy action between Ivar and his brothers and Heahmund, it seems that the youngest Lothbrok will have a woman to inspire him after Margarethe. Although historically recorded unmarried and impotent, Andersen's statement had the fans questioning whether a new character will be inserted to serve as his lover. Some theories though say that it is his love for his mother that he is referring to which he will use to gain strength enough for retribution against Lagertha.

Meanwhile, another character close to Ivar, Floki, was teased by showrunner Michael Hirst. As the previous seasons took away the lives of people dear to him (Ragnar, Helga, and his daughter), Floki will be seen as a changed man on "Vikings" season 5. Hirst said that the character will return in the upcoming season whereas he was absent on some episodes in the previous installment.

Hirst revealed that Floki will be a renewed upon his return as he commits his life to the gods. The deaths of the people close to him reportedly destroyed his life, and some fan theories claim that he will turn against Odin to praise the Islam's Allah. This has not been confirmed yet, but Hirst is sure that major changes will come to the character on "Vikings" season 5.

The release date of the hit History series is still kept under the wraps. However, it is suggested that "Vikings" season 5 might be released this year instead of next year as filming for the installment has reportedly kicked off even before season 4 ended.

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