Battlefield 1: Huge Nerfs For All Classes Coming In The Next Balance Update

Battlefield 1: "Winter Update" - New Features, Weapon Balance Changes & More! (BF1 DLC Update)
The upcoming balance update will see major nerfs on popular weapons used by all classes in Battlefield 1. Furthermore, the Medic class will find the most devastating nerfs of them all. Photo : xReelGamingx/Youtube

Love it or hate it, DICE is making another major balance changes in the upcoming Winter Update which will see a lot of nerfs on popular guns used by all classes. The balance changes alone come with a whopping 583 individual changes - most of which focuses on bringing the least popular weapons into the table and on par with the ones prominently used by all classes. Here's everything we know so far.

Battlefield 1: Winter Update Brings Nerfs On Popular Weapons

In the community test environment, some testers pointed out the peculiar changes on the weapons that they commonly used. It turns out that DICE has just nerfed the popular guns including the m1903 Experimental and virtually all medic guns. Here are some of the highlights of the weapon changes:

Assault Class

Autismatico Hrec has seen a huge nerf on its horizontal recoil while it got slightly buffed on its vertical recoil. Moreover, the Hellriegel Hrec has seen another nerf once again. Meanwhile, the least popular weapon: MP18 has its vertical recoil buffed and its experimental variant; also had its first shot multiplier slightly buffed as well.

Support Class

The Support class has all of its LMGs slightly nerfed on their HIP spread; Trench variants nerf is slightly smaller. Meanwhile, Madsen has its Horizontal and FSM buffed significantly.

Medic Class

Medics are significantly nerfed on the upcoming patch as almost all of their weapons will be having a recoil nerf except for the Auto 8 which will get its Horizontal recoil buffed while its Vrect nerfed. Meanwhile, the recoil of the Factory variant has been nerfed to an astounding 5.25. It's worth noting that it used to be 6 and was later buffed to 7. Now, it's been reduced to 5.25 which will make the weapon a lot harder to use than it was back when it's considered as "a least popular pick."

Scout Class

Scouts will find their m1903 Experimental significantly nerfed. Its RoF has been reduced to 360 from 450. This means that it will be 4hk at 20m while 8hk at range. Meanwhile, the MG08/15 will see some buffs. Since the update has a whopping 583 individual changes on the CTE, you can check the full changes in "dirty text dump" here.

Whilst the changes bring some disappointing news, DICE makes up for it as the studio is set to launch the highly anticipated They Shall Not Pass DLC Pack. The new weapons for the upcoming DLC are now also live on the CTE. You can view the new weapons' stats here.

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC

Meanwhile, in other news, DICE is preparing to launch the highly anticipated Battlefield 1 DLC Pack, They Shall Not Pass and it will offer brand new weapons and maps. And as per usual, DICE is making some twists as players will have to unlock the weapons. As reported by PVPLive, the weapons, which are now live on the CTE, can be obtained by satisfying certain conditions which are specific and unique for each one. These conditions range from performing 50 kills on a specific weapon to performing 3 headshots using a sniper. They Shall Not Pass DLC is slated to be released on March 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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