Pokemon Go Update: A Special Pikachu Is Set To Arrive Next Week For Pokemon Day

The Pokemon franchise has been doing great so far, especially from its countless episodes to the variety of video games which are available across all platforms. Apparently, this Feb. 27 will mark the 21st anniversary of this storied franchise. Before the celebration, all of the past and present games will be included into the fun. As of now, there no reports regarding Nintendo's plans for Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, it will be expected to be announced soon.

Niantic recently announced that they would be hosting an event for Pokemon Go to honor the franchise. The company said that they would offer a special Pikachu. Similar to the previous Christmas Event, this special type of Pikachu will be again wearing a hat. However, it will be a party hat this time instead of the previous Santa hat.

Based on the report from Attack of the Fanboy, the special party hat Pikachu will be arriving into the game next week. The report mentions that starting Feb. 26 until March 6, all of the encountered Pikachu in Pokemon Go will be wearing special party hats. Meanwhile, players are highly encouraged to go out and catch this special type of Pikachu since it will be unique from all other present Pikachu in the game.

Niantic explains that the Pikachu that will be caught during the abovementioned dates will have its party hat kept forever. Among all of the Pokemon present in the franchise, Pikachu has always been used for special events. It is because this tiny yellow mouse Pokemon is pretty much the face of the franchise. Though ending up with an inventory of special types of Pikachu might get a little old, it is still far from that point however. It is thus expected that players will still enjoy catching this special party hat Pikachu in the wild.

On other news, Pokemon Go players are now enjoying the new gen two update where Niantic introduced 80 new Pokemon into the game. Furthermore, it is expected that there will be lots of new additions to arrive to the game after the gen two patch.


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