Final Fantasy Romance: Couple Falls In Love Playing FFXIV; Gets In-game Romantic Wedding

By Noli Teves , Feb 22, 2017 04:00 AM EST

It all started out when Brogan, a 23-year-old employee sustained a knee injury, and because of it, she was unable to go to work. This also caused her to feel lonely. Who wouldn't?

Because of her loneliness, she asked out some friends to recommend her some games that she could play. What happened next is indeed very surprising.

Not only did the new game made her feel happy, it also made her feel in love. It all happened inside the world of "Final Fantasy XIV". The game, "Final Fantasy XIV", was recommended to her by her friend. It is a popular multiplayer RPG game that accommodates people who are playing online.

According to Mashable, Brogan downloaded "Final Fantasy XIV" and played it on her PlayStation 4. She created a Valkyen Vanguard character and joined the Narshe Red Wings. It is a group where players can join and socialize with each other.

Then there is Josh, a 21-year-old gamer, who is also playing the game. His character is Sidmund Bourne, and had also joined a social group.

Final Fantasy XIV Gamers Falling In Love

He was then able to join the Narshe Red Wings, the same group that Brogan was also in. Then the magic happened. The two communicated with each other in a constant basis, and sent out emotes and other commands to their virtual characters. They then personally met in the Narshe Red Wings meetup during the MCM Comic Con in London.

In-Game Final Fantasy Wedding Is Possible

After that, they stepped it up and began to go on dates. Through time, they then developed feelings for each other and had eventually fallen in love.

As time went by, they then decided to stage a Final Fantasy in-game wedding using their characters. Their friends can also attend the wedding. Valkyen Vanguard and Sidmund Bourne indeed got married in a simple ceremony. The couple also says that a real life wedding could happen in the future.

According to The Sixth Axis, "Final Fantasy XIV" could also come out in the Nintendo Switch. This will surely open up new possibilities for the couple.

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