Sword Quest Comics Brought Back By Atari

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 24, 2017 06:24 PM EST

For more that 30 years ago, Atari and DC comics have teamed up to release a series of video games for the Atari 2600, Swordquest, that tied into comic books and was published by DC comics. The Swordquest series was so memorable for two main reasons - Atari held a competition through the game, promising almost 150,000 dollars in prizes to players who will be able to solve their puzzles, and the fourth game in the series, sad to say, never came out, due to Atari's financial problems.

Swordquest Comeback in Comic Book Form

Good news came, Swordquest is coming back, but in a comic book form, thanks to Dynamite Entertainment that made this comeback possible. The original Swordquest comics were packed in with the three released Atari 2600 games entitled Swordquest EarthWorldSwordquest Fire World, and the  Swordquest Water World. The comic series helped explain the plot of each Swordquest game further and included tons of clues that would help players solve the contest-winning mystery.

The Meta Approach

While the original Swordquest comics was focused on the twin warriors named Torr and Tara and their search and adventure across four elemental worlds to procure the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery, the new Swordquest series will take a lot more meta approach which will be all about a participant in the original Swordquest contest and the amazing unreleased Swordquest AirWorld video game.

Swordquest is originally written by Chad Bowers and his colleague Chris Sims, who both worked together on Marvel'sX-Men '92 and Oni Press' Down. Set. Fight! Scott Kowalchuk, whose outstanding works include the Batman '66 and Down. Set. Fight!, will handle the art of the series. The very first issue of the new Swordquest series (#0) will be released in May for just 25 cents. So do not miss the chance to grab a copy of the legendary Swordquest comics that was loved by many players before.

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