‘America's Next Top Model’ Season 23 Spoilers: The Girls Are Back With New Attitude

“America’s Next Top Model” Season 23 is almost over and some of the fans have their bets already. There are five fierce remaining contestants and all of them are trying to impress the judges to be called as the sole survivor for this season.

Drew Elliot The Mentor

The competition is getting better and during the last episode, the five contestants were pushed to their limits. Drew Elliot might be the newest judge on the show but he knows what he is doing. He has been working in the production and behind the camera. Elliot also welcomed the five finalists stating “ Hello, hello, hello my final five”. Drew Elliot also showed to the contestants that being a model doesn’t just mean striking a pose. In their recent shoot, the ladies was able to learn a thing or two about using their emotions.

The crazier the better as mentioned by one of the creative team. The five ladies were able to explore and exceed their expectations. They were able to play with their emotions using words. However, Drew Elliot educated the finalist about the difference between acting and modeling. Basically, for modeling, they don’t need words to show the emotion that they are feeling. They have to project it perfectly so that their audience will know what they are trying to say.

Finalist Was Asked To Act Crazy

The five finalist were also given the chance to relax in a short video. The main goal of Drew Elliot is to show the crazy side of each contestant. For the longest time, contestants were asked to act or portray somebody on their shoot. But the next episode will be a lot different. Elliot also hinted that the best thing is yet to come for the five ladies.

As for Tash, well he was promised by Drew Elliot that her being eliminated in “America’s Next Top Model” doesn’t mean the end of the line. Elliot is willing to help Tash Wells in the future if they’re path will cross again. Who do you think will win this season? Catch “America’s Next Top Model” Season 23 every Wednesday.

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