‘Arrow' Season 5 Episode 14-15 Spoilers: Prometheus Missing, Mayor Queen Is In Deep Trouble

The latest episode and season of “Arrow” shows some promising numbers and there’s no stopping them right now. Prometheus has been involved in every topic as of late but the next episode will be different.

“Arrow” Season 5 Episode 14 Spoiler: “The Sin-Eater”

Prometheus has always been a thorn to Oliver Queen and Team Arrow. The cerebral assassin himself is very vicious and very unpredictable. Prometheus showed numerous times that the Green Arrow should always be ready as he might launch an attack at any time. However, the next episode won’t include Prometheus but his plans will. The next episode titled “The Sin-Eater” will feature multiple guest stars which could provide important information about Prometheus.

Kelly Hu(China White) will spearhead the next episode together with Amy Gumenick and Liza Warner. The three ladies who recently broke out of prison will be heading to the Star City looking for revenge. Oliver Queen will then make sure that the city won’t be caught in the crossfire. The only problem is, Oliver Queen will be facing another problem which involves the death of Detective Malone.

“Arrow” Season 5 Episode 15 Spoiler: “Fight Fire With Fire”

Oliver Queen is still coping up with the issues that are being pinned to him in Episode 14. However, a more challenging problem will arise as Mayor Queen will be a push to his limits. Apparently, there is a group of vigilante who wants to take down Oliver Queen. This is not the first time that Oliver will face these kinds of problems, the difference is, this vigilante seems to know him personally. Also, Felicity will be the main star on this episode. The producers are constantly teasing fans about her dark side and working with Helix will surely validate her character change. Will Felicity join the other side? Will Oliver fight or hide? All of these questions will be answered in the next episode of “Arrow”.

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