Cheryl Cole Pregnancy Update: Baby Gender Revealed? Relationship With Liam Payne In Limbo?

Arguably one of the most intriguing and interesting topic right now in the UK is the pregnancy update of Cheryl Cole. However, her fame is not only secluded in the UK but also all over the world due to her soon to be husband, Liam Payne.

Late last year, there were rumors stating that the X factor judge who is widely considered as one of the most beautiful artists in the world is pregnant. Cheryl Cole who recently received her divorce papers was again making a buzz. Although she was trying to hide it, it was visible that she has some baby bumps. The speculations grow even bigger when Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole’s mother were spotted buying some baby stuff.

Liam Payne Not Living With Cheryl Cole

After weeks of denying, the lovely couple went out to a party and Cheryl Cole showed the product of their love. However, a few days ago, a respected magazine stated that Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne are having issues together. It is fully documented that Liam Payne is busy creating his new album in Los Angeles and that’s the very reason why he’s not around most of the time. When Liam Payne went back home, it was rumored that the baby is already out, but that was debunked after a few hours.

The Couple Is Expecting A Baby Girl?

The baby’s gender is not yet officially shared by Cheryl and Liam. However, basing on the latest snapshots that were captured by skilled paparazzi's, the young couple might be expecting a baby girl. Remember when Liam Payne was holding a basket full of pink stuff? How about when Cheryl Cole’s mother was seen buying some onesies with a design for baby girls? These are all key information in determining the baby’s gender. But, there’s still a chance that the gender might not be final or Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole is playing around. Besides, they are fond of surprises like they way they surprised their fans when they admitted that they are together.

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