'Taken' Series Will Be Action-Packed, Clive Standen Offers Fresh Look To New NBC Series

NBC is doing an adaptation of the popular action film "Taken." The series acts as a prequel to the first film, and actor Clive Standen stars as the younger version of Bryan Mills - the character played by Liam Neeson in the movie.

The Series Is Set 30 Years Before The Movie

Filming of the TV series started in September of last year, and the show is set to be released on February 27. It follows the story of former Green Beret Bryan Mills as he tries to overcome a personal tragedy, and to get revenge while starting his career as a CIA operative.

According to Philadelphia News, "Taken" is a modern-day thriller that takes place 30 years before the movie. Standen will bring his own fresh take to this heavy-action role. The actor describes his character as an everyday guy with a "particular set of skills" who just would not give up.

Standen's credits include History Channel's "Vikings," and small roles from "Everest" and "Hammer of the Gods." He insisted on doing the majority of his own stunts for "Taken," including fight scenes, running and parkour. Standen believes that having a stuntman takes over a scene, and the audience loses engagement because they can only see the character's back.

Some Critics Are Not Very Excited About The Series

Exciting as this may sound, some critics are really not as hyped. The Hollywood Reporter said that Standen is forced to live up to Neeson's standard. The website also added that the premise of the series can be established within 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, a lot of people agree that the series may still be worth watching, because fans of the movie will understand how Bryan Mills developed and sharpened his skills. "Taken" is written and executive produced by Alex Cary alongside Luc Besson. Alex Graves directed and executive produced the pilot episode.

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