New Battlefield 1 Videos Put They Shall Not Pass DLC On The Spotlight

It's safe to say that almost everyone in the Battlefield 1 community is excited for They Shall Not Pass DLC. Aside from the fact that it's the game's first ever expansion, it's shaped to bring tons of exciting stuff. Apparently, a new footage for the content was released, showcasing its entirety. Or at least for what it offers to the game. And indeed, it's an interesting content to experience.

According to GameSpot, a new video about the first Battlefield 1 DLC was

 released to the general public. This basically came from footages acquired on the game's CTE, also known as Community Test Environment server. It showcases the tons of things DICE promised to the whole fandom.

The aforementioned Battlefield 1 video for They Shall Not Pass showcases one of the four upcoming maps. It's no other than the Fort De Vaux. Apart from that, a new massive vehicle took the spotlight. It's called Behemoth, a powerful vehicle that'll soon invade the very lands of the game. And of course, the real-world French tank (inspired, so to speak) called the Char 2C tank.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the Battlefield 1 video also featured the set of brand new weapons coming to the game. Take for example the Lebel bolt, an action rifle that looks powerful and solid. This deadly weapon is deemed as a medium-range rifle. But hey, it'll surely take a couple of heads in the game. As reported by GottaBeMobile, the said DLC will arrive in March.

It's should be noted that there are actually three of these Battlefield 1 videos. One somehow gives a 7-mintue preview to the new Behemoth tank as well as its gameplay. The second on the list talks about the Fort De Vaux as well as its landscapes. As for the third one (embedded below), it spotlights the combination of the new sniper and the said tank in a gameplay. By the looks of it, the community is definitely in for a huge treat.

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