LG Is Betting Again In Budget Smartphones

South Korean company LG is expecting to make a major hit this year.  In order to achieve its goal, it is willing to bet everything once again in budget smartphones which have been characterized as being one of the greatest products from the firm. Actually, its quality in this kind of mobile devices is so outstanding that it could even beat its competitor Samsung in this particular range.

LG Will Try To Conquer Budget Smartphones Market In India

Apparently, LG will re-enter the budget smartphones segment in India by July or August, given the fact that the company is aiming to get more market share by volume in this country. Although it might be a risky move, this is a really good strategy for the South Korean firm, considering that India is a big supporter of these kinds of mobile devices.  This is the place where Chinese smartphones started conquering their global market.

LG Will Launch Six Or Seven New Budget Smartphones

In fact, LG will be betting so much in this country and it is expected that most of these budget smartphones will only be launched in India, instead of being released around the world. Naturally, making a major move in a specific market that has always shown a great acceptance to a specific product is always a guarantee of success, and LG is aiming to do whatever it takes to execute this strategy in the most efficient way.

Apparently, LG will launch six to seven new budget smartphones in the Indian market this year.  Despite a ferocious competition, the company hopes that its sales could excel its expectations.  To recall, the firm lags way behind the pack of smartphone brands in this nation with a 0.4 percent share. Nevertheless, these mobile devices are expected to come with such incredible specs and features that LG could become one of the top brands by the end of this year.

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