Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Is Coming To PlayStation 4 In Full HD

The Star Ocean series didn't fair well in their latest game Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. So this time, the franchise is getting back on its feet by re-launching one of its most successful title on the PlaySation 4.

Star Ocean: till The End Of Time Remaster Will Be In HD

A special Star Ocean: Anamesis live stream recently announced that Square Enix will be releasing Till The End Of Time on the PlaySation 4. Siliconera shares that the game will be a director's cut and will be in full HD. Very much like every game on the platform.

The live stream gave fans a look at the comparison of the original PlaySation 2 version to the re-mastered HD version that will come out on the PS4. They also featured gameplay footages and characters from the original series. Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time is also stated to be digitally released and will have the all the original gameplay, story, and characters.

The game has been upgraded with an HD emulator technology by Sony. However, most of the graphical improvements can mostly only be noticed for the gameplay parts. Cutscenes will be shown in its native format from the original PlaySation 2 version.

Till The End Of Time will also feature share function, remote play, trophy support and much more for the PlaySation 4.

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Release Date

Star Ocean is one of the most earliest JRPG titles that had a lot of fans. Techno Buffalo shares that the game was first introduced on the Super Famicom and became an instant hit.

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Director's Cut is still in development for PlaysStation 4. So far, there is still no report on the game's release.

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