'Nashville' Season 5 Episode 9 Shocker: A Fan Favorite Dies

Thursday's episode of "Nashville" is the most heartbreaking yet. Season 5 episode 9 is titled "If Tomorrow Never Comes," and it showed a beloved character unexpectedly say goodbye. Fans are still grieving, and if you haven't watched the episode yet, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

Last week's episode showed country superstar Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) got injured during the car accident. This week's episode focused on the aftermath, Us Weekly said. Rayna was in the hospital where a doctor assured Deacon (Charles Esten) that his wife is going to be fine.

"It's Devastating," Britton Said About The Character's Death

Unfortunately, things aren't going to be fine. After her surgery, Rayna went downhill fast, which led to her shocking death. It's devastating," Britton said about her character's death, Entertainment Weekly reported. Many fans agree, and a lot are actually angry.

"Nashville" was cancelled by ABC last year after four seasons, but the series found a new home in CMT. Fans turned to social media to express their sadness and frustration. One fan said: "This is NOT what we wanted when we saved #Nashville."

Shooting The Final Scene Was Very Tough

Britton said that there are a lot of reasons why she chose to move on from the series. She said that the show is in a good place in CMT, and seeing the passion of the fans for the characters, it would be "the time to start talking about Rayna's departure."

Shooting that final scene was very tough, Britton said. "I'm laying there, supposedly dying, and I had tears pouring down my cheeks. It was a very tough week. There were a lot of tears all around. The crew, as well." There's just one question for the series. What's going to happen to "Nashville" now that Rayna is gone?

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