Complete List Of Confirmed DLC Weapons In Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 fans are anticipating the arrival of the game's first ever expansion. It's called They Shall Not Pass, a DLC confirmed to introduce new weapons and features, among others. Apparently, the content has been unleashed on the Community Test Environment of the title. As a result, players got a glimpse of what it'll be.

Reports suggest that the aforementioned Battlefield 1 DLC will be adding a total of 11 weapons. These guns have been showcased on various videos uploaded online. However, in a report from GameRant, these weapons are not entirely new. Why? That's because they're simply variants of other guns, which have already been introduced to the game.

Take for example the Lebel Model 1886. In Battlefield 1, this weapon has been featured twice. This is due to the fact that it'll arrive in two variations. These are namely, the Infantry and the Sniper. Aside from this, players will be treated to three additional weapons. The latter are deemed to be melee and have been featured in the said videos. The weapons are the Cogwheel Club, Crude Nail Knife and the lethal Trench Fleur.

It's worth noting that, contrary to popular belief, the forthcoming Battlefield 1 weapons can't be simply unlocked through class ranks and/or warbonds. Sure, this may have been the process in the game; however, developer DICE decided to implement a certain system similar to those that can be found in the previous installments of the franchise. To unlock them, players will have to go through various challenges. At least, it's more satisfying than ever.

It should be noted, too, that the said Battlefield 1 weapons have a workaround in unlocking. This is when players reach a kill quota of 30. However, they must use an equivalent melee class base weapon. It could be any of the following: the shovel, the club and the trench knife.

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