‘Arrow' Season 5: Who Is Prometheus? The Mad Man's Identity Revealed?

Prometheus has been toying with Oliver Queen and his team for the longest time. The only thing they know about him is, he is savage, ruthless and pure evil. Green Arrow and his team might be skilled, but Prometheus is always one step ahead of them.

There are a lot of potential names who can be linked to Prometheus. Some of them are close to Oliver and some of them are people who just wants to see the world burn. Ever since Prometheus showed up, Oliver Queen can’t seem to have a break. He has been a thorn to their team and was able to expose their well beings. Oliver must be cautious about his movement because it might lead to his death. Here are some of the names who could be hiding behind the mask under the name Prometheus.

Red Star(Kovar’s Son)

Talia al Ghul has been influential to Oliver even when he was just starting as Green Arrow. Remember Kovar? Kovar was one of the first enemies of Oliver. With the help and instruction of Talia al Ghul, he killed Kovar. But that is not the end of the story. Prometheus is known as a collateral damage. There’s a buzz that Oliver is actually fighting the seed of Kovar also known as Red Star from Teen Titans.

Billy Malone

Okay, this sounds ridiculous but Billy Malone might have staged his death. In the latest episode of “Arrow”, Oliver Queen will be pinned against the death of Billy Malone. There’s a strong evidence that he was the masked man who killed the helpless detective. However, it’s a possibility that “Prometheus” put the Arrow costume himself to kill Billy Malone. Or maybe, Billy Malone is Prometheus.

Adrian Chase

Justin Clayborne’s son is still unknown, but basing on the recent events, his son could be Adrian Chase. Chase is also known as the Vigilante in the comic books. Which suggest that he is part of Prometheus. Another clue shows that all of the weapons of Prometheus is identical with Green Arrow. The only way he could get those is via the District Attorney.

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