Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Easter Eggs Are Coming

It was just recently when Nintendo released Pokemon Sun and Moon and the developer will be holding a special event that the players will surely love. However, the said event might not be available globally but players must not lose hope.

Easter Eggs Are Coming In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The special event that will be happening in Pokemon Sun and Moon will give the players special eggs that can transform into six different Pokemon. Mareani, Gloomy, and Dampa will be available in the game. There are rumors that the other three monsters will be Oranguru, Turtonator, and Passimisan.

But the sad news is that the special easter egg hunt in Pokemon Sun and Moon will only happen in Japan. The players in the other countries must wait for any announcements from Nintendo if there is any chance that they will get to experience the hunting.

According to Telegiz, the easter egg hunt that will happen in Pokemon Sun and Moon will be starting on March 18 and will last until April 9. The lucky players in Japan are lucky because they have a whole month to get every easter egg scattered in Alola island.

Other Rewards In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Players who have joined the third global mission in Pokemon Sun and Moon can now claim their prizes. Also, those players who have managed to trade five or more Pokemon during the mission will be receiving their rewards.

As per IB Times, the players will be receiving five rare candies and a Friend ball in that will be helpful in playingPokemon Sun and Moon. The players who used Pokemon Global link have received 4,000 Festival coins during the event.

Nintendo is making sure that the players will have enough reasons to continue playing Pokemon Sun and Moon. The developer might plan to keep on adding something new in the game that will certainly attract more players to try one of the most popular games.

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