‘Doctor Who' Season 10 Trailer Is Out; Next Time Lord Should Not Be A White Male?

BBC has just released a new trailer for the new season of “Doctor Who” and it features Bill, narrating how the Doctor is. According to her, various meetings with the Time Lord produced different kinds of impressions. Since this is the last season for Peter Capaldi, some have suggested that the new lead of the said series should be someone diverse.

The new trailer for “Doctor Who” Season 10 features Bill telling fans of how she sees the Doctor. Bill, who is portrayed by actress Pearl Mackie says that the first time she met him, he was funny and the second time, she found him amazing. The third time she met him, she realized that the Doctor was actually the most dangerous man in the universe.

Bill continued to relay her thoughts on the rogue Time Lord and admitted that despite the chaotic adventures they went through, she is still having the time of her life. No matter how dangerous things can get, Bill says she would not miss it for the world even if it kills her. “Doctor Who” Season 10 has been slated to start airing new episodes on April 15.

With “Doctor Who” Season 10 being Peter Capaldi’s last season, many have voiced out their thoughts on who the next lead should be. Actor Dave Harewood, in particular, said that he thinks the next lead for the said BBC One show should either be a woman or a black man. He explained that having a diverse lead actor would bring in a different flavor to the long-running series.

Harewood currently plays the role of Martian Manhunter in The CW series, “Supergirl”. He showed interest in playing the role of a Time Lord and said that anything can happen with an iconic role. He also thought that actress Tilda Swinton would be a good choice to replace Capaldi because she is extraordinary, talented, and probably the different flavor that the show needs.

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