The Elder Scrolls Online Has Reached A New Milestone!

The Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the most highly celebrated games of today. After all, it came from a very critically acclaimed franchise. So, in a sense, the reception of the gaming community is massive. Well, this popularity has even grown larger. Why? That's because the game has reached a new milestone in terms of the player pool.

The Elder Scrolls Online first came into existence sometime in 2014. Apparently that time, it didn't receive good impressions. Tons of fans were disappointed, if not substantially impressed, by the game. However, after a few follow-ups in contents and/or expansions, it gradually reached the top. It's safe to say that developer ZeniMax Online Studios has turned the tide of the battle.

Indeed, this is true as evident by the total number of players enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online now. According to GameRant, the titular online title has now sold, more or less, 8.5 million copies. Simply put, there are nearly 9 million players in the game. This is definitely a record worth mentioning in the history of online games.

The revelation was made by the director of The Elder Scrolls Online director named Matt Firor. He broke the news via in a press event for the title. Firor also revealed that since E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) last year, the games has sold a whopping 1.5 million copies. Heck, these copies are believed to have been fairly distributed across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

There are still The Elder Scrolls Online players who, despite the evidence, are skeptical about the milestone. They suggest that the aforementioned figure is nothing but a mere count of the total number of registered players. However, as what Firor iterates, it's simply not the case. That the count is more than that, as it already includes the sold copies. It means that there are actually more players registered in the general sense of things.

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