A Quick Guide To Owning All Legendaries In Pokemon Sun and Moon

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In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there's great joy in capturing dozens of creatures. After all, it's the main gist of the games. While this ordinary Pokemon prove to be a great steal, owning the Legendary ones are just incomparable. It's just the most exciting part in playing Nintendo's titles. But of course, capturing them isn't moonlight and roses. They require a good amount of effort as well as a good strategy. Fortunately, this guide will help those who've yet to find the answer to owning these monsters.

Solgaleo or Lunala

First off, these two Pokemon Sun and Moon monsters depend on which version a player chooses to play. If he/she wants to go with Pokemon Sun, then he/she is likely to capture a Solgaleo. The same is true with Lunala for those who are playing Pokemon Moon. Interestingly, as what BGR noted, there's no secret formula to owning either of these creatures. The key is to simply progress through the story. Once the Altar of the Sunne/Moone (located in Poni Island), Cosmog will automatically evolve into either of the two. This will eventually become the player's first ever Legnedary Pokemon.


Here, it's important for Pokemon Sun and Moon players to first complete the main story of the game. Once they do, they can simply go straight to the goal of allowing their character to become Alola's champion. Doing so will result to owning a Cosmog, which, as mentioned above, is a requirement in evolving either Solgaleo or Lunala.

To capture Cosmog in Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will have to travel their way back to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone. There, they will find a portal which they have to enter. It's worth noting that this alters only tends to open at night when playing on Pokemon Sun and vice versa on Pokemon Moon. Once done, simply head to a body of water called Lake of the Moone/Sunne then go straight onto the top of the platform. After the cutscene plays, Cosmog will then be given. Owning this one is really great, especially when there's a new event, which International Business Times details.


This Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary creature will bring back two of the most memorable monsters from Pokemon X and Y. They're no other than Dexio and Sina, both of which will be encountered by players in their journey within Alola. These Pokemon, apparently, will provide Zygarde Cube that can be utilized to acquire both Z-Cores and Z-Cells within the Alola region. Z-Cells, in particular, can be used to assemble Zygarde, though it depends on the quantity. For instance, 10 Z-Cells is equivalent to 10% Forme Zygarde. The same can be applied to 50 and 100 Z-Cells, which are synonymous to Zygarde 50% Forme and Zygarde Complete Forme, respectively.

Ultra Beasts

Completing the main story of Pokemon Sun and Moon will result to a confrontation with the International Police. The latter will basically inform players about a task to catch the so-called Ultra Beasts. These creatures were released to Alola after the battle with Lusamine. The organization will give players a total of 10 Beats Balls, each represents every mission. They'll also hand out information regarding the location of each Ultra Beast.

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