After Collecting More Than $144 Million, 'Star Citizen' Adds A New Ship

Star Citizen is an upcoming game by Cloud Imperium Games, which is set in the future where space travel is possible, and the way of life is determined by the player's military service. The game boasts a unique gaming experience that mixes that of a first person perspective and an MMO, with the use of the game's various modes. This special experience though is inspired by games like Arma and Killzone, which means that Star Citizen might be better than the players' expectation. Also, news about a new ship to be added by Cloud Imperium, players are getting more excited for the release of the game.

The Anvil A4A Hurricane

According to DualShockers, the Anvil A4A Hurricane is a unique attack fighter that trades protection for armaments. It boasts a mean arsenal as it includes four FSKI Ignite missiles and six KBAR 11-Series Broadsword cannons.

GameSpot clarified that the Anvil A4A Hurricane can blast its way through anything. In a statement by Cloud Imperium Games, they said that using this ship requires a gameplay balance between a dogfight and marksman so the ship can perfom its best in the game.

The addition to the game is now available in a limited concept sale for only $160. Cloud Imperium clarified that the ship met their design qualifications. Unfortunately it is not yet ready to be in the player's Hangar, to fly in the Alpha, or to fight in Arena Commander. Although, the company stated that the ship would be ready sometime this year. The income generated from players who buy the ship will be used to improve the game.

More About Star Citizen

As of the moment, there is no announcement yet when Cloud Imperium Games would release Star Citizen, but eager players and fans of the company has already supported the company's crowd-funding activity,wherein they already collected $144 Million. With the sales of the Anvil A4A Hurricane, the crowd-fund would increase even more.

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