The Possibility Of Another 'Doom' Game Sequel, Director Speaks Out

"Doom", since it has been released, has amassed a multitude of followers and players, thanks to its sophisticated and enticing first-person shooter gameplay. Now, talks have resurfaced about the possibility of having a game sequel.

Since it was released, it has been positively welcomed by critics, players and non-players alike. With this, it makes perfect sense for its game developers to grab the opportunity and make another sequel for the game.

The Possibility Explained

According to Game Rant, id Software, the developer of the game, has been asked about the possibility of a sequel. With this, the company responded that there is a certain kind of freedom that lurks behind this very good possibility.

Stratton, one of the game studio's representatives, said that "Doom" has been the stepping stone for further sequels to make its way. Thanks to the storyline and characters, the foundations have been laid to increase the possibility of a continuation.

With this, it is then safe to assume that id Software will do it's very best to further the success of "Doom" by making another sequel to the game. It truly is a big disappointment to know that "Doom 4" was canceled.

Unexpected Things Could Happen

However, Kevin CCloud and Marty Stratton, the designers in id Software sent out a statement as to why the unfortunate thing happened. The two said that the lack of personality and focus are two of the biggest factors that affected the cancellation of "Doom 4".

According to IGN, the game was also expected to be like a "Call of Duty" game instead of a "Doom" game. As for the 2016 revival, a lot of hard work on the refocusing of the game was worked out.

With these, one can then say that anything can happen. It may be that there will indeed be a new "Doom" game or there may be none at all. For now, the safest thing to do is not to expect anything.

Just go with the flow, and just wait for any release. If there will indeed be any release.

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