Brad Pitt No Show At The Oscars Amidst Battle With Angelina Jolie

The saga between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is far from over as a new chapter unfolds in their story. It has been a tradition for both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to grace the red carpet yearly but things have changed.

Brangelina Dealing With More Issues

The once considered a power couple is now a history as their feud is again elevated to another degree. Perhaps the magazine who called them up before was right. The Brangelina story is the opposite of a fairy tale. There are no happy endings just full of miseries and problems. Last night during the Oscars, there were speculations that Brad Pitt will attend the prestigious night with his new love interest, Kate Hudson. However, that didn’t happen as Brad Pitt didn’t show up.

Chateau Miraval: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Mansion

Fans were not happy about him not showing up at the Oscars. Then after a few hours, a report was published about him and Angelina Jolie having disputes with one of their properties. Probably the most expensive mansion from Brad and Angelina is the Chateau Miraval. Like their relationship, this mansion has a lot of stories that the former power couple has shared. Unfortunately, this property has to go. They’ve bought the mansion way back 2014 and now they are disputing about it.

Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson

Also, there are numerous occasions when Brad Pitt was reported of having some issues with his health. This problem started when he and Angelina Jolie went on separate ways. Sources state that Brad Pitt drastically lose weight and his friends and family are already concerned about him. On a side note, he allegedly has Kate Hudson by his side who will surely take care of the “World War Z” actor.

The Brangelina story has captivated millions of fans and inspired each and every person across the globe. But then again, as Brad Pitt stated in one of his movies, “nothing last forever”.

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