Here's Why The Elder Scrolls Online Became A Huge Hit Today

When The Elder Scrolls Online was released, it didn't quickly achieve star factor. Heck, it was flooded by negative reviews and whatnots. Fortunately, developer ZeniMax Online Studios was quick to retaliate. Updates after updates were released, making the game even more interesting than it was before. Fast forward to today, it nearly reached a total of 9 million sold copies or player pool. It's safe to say that this game is at its peak.

According to Forbes, there are a couple reasons that'll explain why The Elder Scrolls Online reached such milestone. First off, it lets players have the freedom to go anywhere. And take note, they can do so with no time restriction or whatsoever. Sure, this game once had a level-based system of sort; however, this was removed. Players now are able to scale their respective characters. This, among others, is why nothing can block or prevent them from venturing into the wild.

Add to the aforementioned reason is the kind of beauty that The Elder Scrolls Online offers. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful MMOs of today. In terms of visual, it's remarkably impressive. Each scenery is worth watching and visiting. Players will not only enjoy the combat it offers, but they'll also be amazed at the stunning aesthetics it has.

Moreover, some of the elements within The Elder Scrolls Online world are close to reality. For instance, the voice lines are solid with animations somehow grounded to the overall design. Everything just seems to be consistent with one another. Well, not to mention the fact that they also complement one another. The studio has certainly found a way to bring all of these elements as one. No wonder it reached a total of 8.5 million sold copies, a figure confirmed by GameRant.

Last but not the least is the unending support of The Elder Scrolls Online developers. And this is evident with the countless updates that continue to carve the game's beauty and excellence. It's worth telling that, in one way or another, this game is on the right path to success.

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