Hugh Jackman Snacks On Stinky Tofu In Taiwan

Hugh Jackman had his fans flock to the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper for the premiere night of “Logan,” the last movie installment of the Wolverine series. However, the actor did not only come to Taiwan to promote his film, but also experience the local culture and try some of the most popular foods and delicacies, particularly the infamous “Stinky Tofu.”

Tasting The Stinky Tofu

In a press conference, Jackman said that they went to the night market and had a taste of Taiwan’s most famous street food. He also said that he had so much fun.

“We had stinky tofu ... It's not as stinky as I thought," told Jackman.

Furthermore, he added that he discovered another favorite along with the stinky tofu, the skewers of chicken hearts.

Why Hugh Jackman Walks Away From ‘Wolverine’

Over a year ago, Hugh Jackman already hinted on social media that Wolverine 3 might be the last film he will do for the blockbuster series. Anxious fans verified the information when director James Mangold affirmed Jackman’s post.

When Jackman confirmed that Wolverine 3 will indeed be his final appearance as the mutant clawed superhero, he chocked his exit to simply feeling that now was the right time to leave. In a statement, he said that he just felt like it was the right time to do it. He also added that he honestly “never thought in a million years” that it would last when it began 17 years. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to all his fans who patronized his Wolverine movies.

Back in 2016, Jackman said that he already had in his mind how the last Wolverine movie will be told, and that he felt that it is the “perfect way to go out.”

This year, it has been reported that Jackman underwent his fifth treatment for skin cancer.

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