'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Ratings Continue To Drop; Jane And Rafael Might Get Back Together?

The third season of CW's "Jane the Virgin" has brought a lot of confusion among fans. Following this, there has been a drop in the show's ratings and has been receiving numerous negative reviews. Despite the questionable outcomes of the time jump, though, fans are still eager to see Jane getting back together with Rafael.

The last episode of "Jane the Virgin" season 3 before it went on a break has recorded the installment's lowest with only 880,000 million viewers tuned in. Though the series does not actually get record-breaking numbers, its decrease in ratings by a tenth is still affecting the show's performance. The negative reviews of the show also prove the time-jump decision to be a fail. Now that "Jane the Virgin" season 3 is only left with its finale, fans keep wondering whether the show will get more seasons after its upcoming fourth installment.

Reviews attest to the production's supposed mistake on transporting the characters three years in the future. Rafael got himself a new girlfriend Abbey, Rogelio and Darcey are not on good terms, Jane is obviously single, and the other characters have reportedly not gotten their continuation. Critics believe that the show has not given justice to their decision to make a time jump, but there are still fans who continue to follow the life of Jane the Virgin.

Fans of the Jane and Rafael love team might have been delighted for a while as Rafael did have a new girlfriend, but did not have to wait for long to see him becoming single again. Followers of "Jane the Virgin" have then become hopeful that Rafael and Jane can get back together as they are now both free of any relationships.

A fan theory suggests that the two characters might be seen growing in love with each other again as indications are strong that they will end up together. Their baby is reportedly the biggest reason why the two should be romantically involved with each other. The fact that the time jump means growing more matured for the characters might lead to them to rethink their relationship and it is suggested that rekindling their romance is inevitable.

Whether Jane and Rafael get back together or not might be seen in the upcoming finale of "Jane the Virgin" season 3 or the main focus of the series' fourth installment.

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