Final Fantasy XV Update: Square Enix To Release Free Game Next Month

Square Enix will be releasing a spin-off game under Final Fantasy XV for free next month. Meanwhile, did the new PS4 Pro update make the game look worse?

Square Enix Releasing A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV for Free

According to TrueAchievements, the once exclusive A King's Tale downloadable content will now be available to all players soon. Originally, it was an exclusive pre-order bonus to those who opted to get their copy at selected retail outlets. Now, fans will be able to play the game that explores King Regis' journey.

Unlike the main installment's amazing visuals, A King's Tale is a side-scroller with retro graphics. The game takes place 30 years before FFXV with a young Noctis asking his dad to tell him a bedtime story. The King then decides to narrate his personal journey with his friends Weskham, Cid and Clarus as they fight for a greater cause.

The game features a deep combat system that includes real-time counters, combos and also includes the iconic warp strike move. Moreover, players can also use Fire, Lightning and Ice magic and Astral entities. Lastly, the game also offers three different companions that have their own attacks and super moves.

PS4 Pro Patch Downgrades the Game?

That aside, Square Enix recently released the new patch for the main game that supposedly enhances the title on the PS4 Pro. However, Ars Technica reports that the patch might have actually ruined the game for the said console. PS4 Pro players have the option of choosing either an enhanced mode which amps up the resolution to 1800p or the lite mode which drops resolution and elements while locking the game at 30fps.

It is worth noting that the update supposedly messes with the lite mode and makes the frame rate look worse and make the overall controls feel less responsive. Because of this, the studio must release another patch that fixes the said update which was originally meant to optimize the game. While fans can wait for the said patch, they can download A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV on Mar. 1.

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