Final Fantasy XV Update: Here Are Some New Details About the Multiplayer Feature

Square Enix has shared new details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV multiplayer feature that they plan to release in the near future. Moreover, here are all the details regarding the first character downloadable content (DLC) story.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Features

Ever since its initial announcement, Square Enix has shared very little about their plans for multiplayer features in the game. Many fans are excited for the new mechanics wherein they can create their own personal characters and explore the vast fields of Eos with friends. Luckily, PlayStation LifeStyle reports that new details emerged regarding the DLC for the latest Final Fantasy installment.

Game director Hajime Tabata claimed that the multiplayer mechanic will tie in with the main plot of the game. Moreover, they want to place more focus on individual avatars rather than the four main characters. Tabata wants to create the feeling of players having their own journey with their friends instead of taking up the role of Noctis and his crew.

With this in mind, it can easily be inferred that the multiplayer shares similarities with Final Fantasy Type-0's multiplayer wherein players can easily bring in their own avatars. This should offer more ways for players to explore Eos and change up the game's current formula. For now, fans will have to wait for further information regarding the multiplayer feature.

Episode Gladiolus DLC Price and Details

On the other hand, the episode Gladiolus DLC will be individually priced at $4.99, as per GameSpot. There, players will take control of the resident meathead, Gladio, and discover what happened when he left the party. He will supposedly meet up with Cor to grow stronger and face dangerous monsters - including the notorious Gilgamesh.

Square Enix also stated that the DLC will include new types of gameplay and combat from the main game. That aside, those who bought the season pass will be able to download the new content as soon as it comes out. Fans can play Final Fantasy XV on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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