Huawei P10's Low Light Camera Performance Is Better Than The iPhone 7 Plus'

Present at the Mobile World Congress last Sunday was the Huawei P10. During that event, CEO Richard Yu kept mentioning about the smartphone's amazing camera features, specifically the "Leica-style portraits."

According to an article, the Huawei P10 features two camera sensors on its back, a 12-MP shooter with a traditional color filter array and a 20 MP unit that captures monochrome images and both have a 27mm-equivalent f/2.2 lens. The iPhone 7 Plus also features a dual-camera setup, a 12-MP sensor with 28mm-equivalent of f/1.8 and a 12 MP 56mm-equivalent of f/2.8 aperture.

Camera Performance Inside A Building

The iPhone 7 Plus produced a more pleasing portrait from a compositional standpoint. But because of its slower aperture and lack of stabilization, it struggled to match the Huawei P10's exposure. In the case of the Huawei P10, it did a great job in smoothing out a busy background, but the color treatment was a bit heavy-handed.

Camera Performance In Dimly Lit Conditions

For this part, two photos were taken at a dimly lit restaurant. The photo captured with the iPhone 7 Plus was better,  well, sort of, because, with the Huawei P10, the user had to get closer with its wide-angle lens, which ends up distorting the subject. However, the photo captured with the iPhone 7 Plus was a bit grainy due to the lack of light, something that most people will not appreciate coming from a premium device. Also, the Huawei P10 had heavy color-treatment.

Performance In Low Light Conditions

The next photo shoot was taken at the side of the road during nighttime. This time, the photo captured with the iPhone 7 Plus was so grainy and the colors were just dull. As for the Huawei P10, it had a nice exposure and background separation, and its heavy color-treatment became an asset. Also, the article did mention that the iPhone 7 Plus took longer to take pictures because it won't snap a photo in Portrait mode unless there is enough light.

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