DJI Releases A Low-cost Phantom 3 SE Drone

DJI has introduced a new drone that only costs $430 USD. This price may not be cheap when compared to other drones in the market but it's actually way cheaper than what DJI usually offers. This drone is called the Phantom 3 SE.

Why DJI Released A New Phantom 3 Model

DJI fans might wonder why the company would add a new drone to its older lineup. Reports suggested that the reason for DJI's new Phantom 3 SE drone is the high-demand for the Mavic Pro. As per WeTalkUav, DJI has a hard time meeting supply demands for the Mavic Pro and this could be why they resulted to the production of a less premium drone. The Phantom 3 SE being a low-budget drone, might actually help relieve the demand for the Mavic Pro. Take note that with an approximately $430 pricing for this new unit, the Phantom 3 SE is one of the few DJI drones that are priced under $700.

Phantom 3 SE Features

The Phantom 3 SE may not have all the premium DJI features but it does offer a satisfactory specs considering its low-price. This drone has a 4K camera, a 720p live view and a maximum RC range of 12000ft. It also has Vision Positioning System. This drone is kind of like the Phantom 3 4K. The Phantom 3 SE just brings in some minor improvements over the older DJI model.

Phantom 3 SE Release

As for the Phantom 3 SE's availability, DJI now lists the drone on its website. However, depending on one's location, not everyone may be able to access the full details. Sources say that this new drone will only be released in China. There's also no assurance as to whether or not it will be brought to other countries. Nevertheless, sources say that there's a possibility that DJI is just testing the Phantom 3 SE's sales performance in its home country before dipping it in the international market.

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