Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Mewtwonite X And Mewtwonite Y

Good news for players of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo is giving away a pair of Mega Stones to their loyal players. The evolution items are for Mewtwo. However, even if the Pokemon is not in the game, they can still use it.

Mewtwo Is Available In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Nintendo will allow the players to be able to acquire Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, Mewtwo that belongs to Legendary Pokemon is not available in the game.

If the players want to transfer Mewtwo to Pokemon Sun and Moon, they must use the Poke Transporter. However, since the transporter does not allow transferring of items, they have to enter the code (M2DESCENT) to get the Pokemon and the mega stones, as per WWG.

After they have the Mega Stones, they can now get either Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y. Nintendo further revealed that more codes will be given to the players in order to get other Pokemon such as Beedrilite and Mawilite next month.

How To Use The Code In Pokemon Sun And Moon

First thing that the players must do is to select the Mystery Gift in the game's menu. After that, they must select the option Receive the Gift. Players can now select to Get with Code/Password then choose Yes.

After that, they must make sure that they are connected to the Internet so they can receive the code for Pokemon Sun and Moon's Mewtwo. Now, they can enter the code and receive the Mega Stones. They can now go to Pokemon Center and ask the deliveryman where are the stones, as per VG247.

Hopefully, all players can get the code in order to get the Mega Stones for Mewtwo because the legendary Pokemon is not part of the Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, before they forget everything, it is very important to save their game.

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