Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide To Finding And Collecting Rare Loot

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a large game with a lot of content that a player can go through and experience. And one of the important features in the game is collecting loot. This is important as these can be used in various purposes to help the player beat the game. However, it all just falls down to a game of chance if these loot will appear or not.

Important Things To Do Before Trying To Look For Loot

According to USGamer, using mounts is a nice way to get to a certain area faster but it isn't such a good idea because the player might miss out on loot that are in the area. And since Aloy is not such a slow character, players can still relatively travel fast towards the desired area while picking up loot along the way.

Another thing to do is to increase Aloy's carrying capacity by upgrading her Satchel. Doing this would allow more loot to be collected regardless of its rarity. Loot in the game is categorized by its rarity and these are the common, uncommon and rare loot. These then can be used to craft other items or traded to merchants in exchange for metal shards or for better weapons.

Furthermore, in Horizon: Zero Dawn's loot system, players have the ability to create their own quests to find a certain loot. Specifically, going to a merchant and highlighting the loot that is needed would create a quest that would show the player the nearest area where that loot can be found. In this way, players can find the loot they need each time and would save the player from wasting a lot of hours in searching.

Where To Find Rare Loot

SegmentNext creates a list of where rare loot can found. Alongside the location of these rare loot, the site also gave a little bit of advice on how these loot can be further obtained.

Animal Parts like Bones and Skins can be obtained by hunting down animals. However, the problem is that real animals are hard to find because the world is filled with robotic creatures. So basically, it is important a player who encounters a non-robotic animal to hunt it down then look for loot in the carcass.

Crystal Braiding and Luminous Braiding are both rare loots and the only difference is that the Crystal Braiding is found on the Rockbreaker, Behemoth, Stormbird, Thunderjaw and Deathbringer. While the Luminous Braiding can be found on the Sawtooth, Longleg, Shellwalker, Fire and Freeze Bellowback, Trampler, Ravager, Snapmaw, Stalker and Corruptor. The easiest way to locate these creatures is to find a Long Neck to unlock the entire map, and as a result, the symbols for these creatures would be shown on the map. An important fact to remember is that, corrupted machines often give rare loot compared to others.

All robots in the game have hearts, however the chances of getting the rarest Machine Hearts are better if players kill corrupted machines at corrupted zones. Like in Crystal Braiding, players just need to look for a Long Neck to unlock the map, then when the player sees corrupted machines, they need to kill them in order to get a chance in getting rare Machine Hearts.

Dessert Glass and Slagshine Glass are challenging loots to obtain as they can only be found in humans. Although by the latter stages of the game, the player would have an abundance of these items, early to mid-stages of the game, these are hard to find. So to get both, players need to kill humans and the best way is to look for bandit camps and try to eliminate as many bandits as the player can and look for the loot in those bodies.

Medium Machine Core and the Large Machine Core, like other rare loot in the list, can be found in machines and the chances of getting these are better when the player unlocks the map of a corrupted zone and kills corrupted machines. The Medium Machine Core is found on the Sawtooth, Long Leg, Shell-Walker, Fire Bellowback, Trampler, Ravager, Snapmaw, Stalker and Corruptor. While the Large Machine Core can be found on the Rockbreaker, Behemoth, Stormbird, Thunderjaw and Deathbringer.

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