'Seven Deadly Sins' Chapter 209 Released A Short Story; Manga Might Go On Hiatus Due To Author's Illness

"Seven Deadly Sins" chapter 9 already went out on manga streaming sites despite the announcement that it will be officially released on March 14. The chapter though has been a lot shorter than the previous stories which reports say is due to Nabaka Suzuki's current poor health condition. Talks have it that the next chapter will be delayed, and it is still unknown if there will be a continuation of chapter 209 or will jump to chapter 210 instead.

In opposition to the earlier announced delay of the manga series, various manga streaming sites has released a copy of a short 209th chapter of "Seven Deadly Sins." From the released copy, the chapter did not have much to resolve in the flashback story arc but has indeed shown how the battle of the Four Archangels and the Indura has taken a toll on Elizabeth. Chapter 209 only has 8 story pages on it compared to the usual 20 pages that the other chapters deliver.

As was revealed in recent spoilers, Elizabeth's energy has been consumed from her attack against the Indura. "Seven Deadly Sins" chapter 208 showed how Elizabeth ended the battle by casting a powerful healing spell that forced the Indura out of Monspeet and Derieri's bodies. In the beginning of chapter 209, readers can see the enemies still knocked down when Elizabeth collapses.

Ludoshel then tries to take advantage of the situation and acts impulsively to kill the unconscious Ten Commandments warriors. He was however stopped by Diane and King with the former pointing out how attacking unconscious enemies will be unfair. Although King sides with Ludoshel's take on killing the enemies, he reminded how loyal they are to Elizabeth, and would not want her sacrifice to be put into waste.

The Archangels then reveals to Melodias that they still cannot assure Monspeet and Derieri's purity and that they might come back soon to kill him. Melodias recognized the fact but said he will soon find a way to defeat them once he gets into an encounter with the Ten Commandments again.

Apart from these revelations, nothing more about Elizabeth's condition or how the Ten Commandments were handled by Melodias were shown in "Seven Deadly Sins" chapter 209. The flashback arc is also said to be ending soon as the characters were placed down the memory lane by Gloxinia and Drole to recall the events in the recently concluded battle. The release of chapter 210 is yet to be decided, following the announcement about the author Nabaka Suzuki's health.

It has already been reported before that the manga author has fallen ill and that the new chapters of the series might be released a bit later than the schedule. Volume 29 of "Seven Deadly Sins" has been scheduled for release in the mid of March which is predicted to contain chapters 195 to 206. Since chapter 209 has already been released online, it is then safe to hope that the printed copy will be released on time.

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