Naughty Dog's Uncharted Series Is Unlikely To Get Another Game After The Lost Legacy

By Lewis Powell , Mar 08, 2017 02:45 AM EST

Naughty Dog has worked on the Uncharted franchise for more than 10 years already. What started out as an adventure shooter game has ended up into being a legendary franchise spanning several sequels. Surely enough as the company focused more on improving the franchise in each game that it releases, and given its very unique storyline, it's bound to reach a point where the game is already perfected. And at this point, the developers are torn with the dilemma whether it's time to move on to other projects or to expand the franchise some more.

The Future Of The Uncharted Franchise

Currently, Naughty Dog is developing another game titled, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and according to Polygon, Naughty Dog Co-President, Evan Wells, said that in the Lost Legacy, they are excited to explore more into Chloe Frazer's story. However, beyond that, it is unlikely that Naughty Dog will make another Uncharted game afterwards. Furthermore, he goes on to mention that the company can't really say that this would be the end of the franchise, but they have The Last of Us Part 2 on their plates and that there are a lot of things that they'd like to explore first.

Additionally, in an interview with Game Informer, Wells clarifies that Naughty Dog loves the Uncharted franchise but, if only the company has the help of other studios, they would continue it. However, since the company's resources are limited and that they have a ton of ideas to explore, the chances of making another game under the franchise are low.

Critical Point For The Uncharted Series And Naughty Dog

Many fans geared up and purchased the games of the franchise mainly because of Nathan Drake and his exploits. And now that the main protagonist has been retired in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, this would rather prove to be a critical point in the franchise and with Naughty Dog.

With the company continuing the Uncharted franchise through Chloe Frazier in the Lost Legacy, this would mean a different background and a storyline, one that is unknown if it will be a hit with the gaming community. Although at this point also, nothing is certain yet about the new game as the company hasn't revealed a lot of information about it.

In the end, it is "possible" that the revenue earned and the reception of the gaming community for The Lost Legacy will play a factor in the decision of Naughty Dog to either make another Uncharted game in the future or to move on. Hopefully, Naughty Dog decides on what they think is right for the gaming community and for the Uncharted franchise.

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