‘Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2 Episode 13 Spoilers: The Land Of The Lost

The executive producer of the show, Phil Klemmer provided another shocker when it was revealed that Rip Hunter is back. The questions are, why is Rip back and why does the Gideon still obeys him?

The Captain Is Back

Rip Hunter is widely renowned in “Legends Of Tomorrow” as the inventor of Time Travel technology. Hunter is considered as a mad scientist due to his immense obsession in recreating certain life events. Rip Hunter’s background speaks volume. The very reason why Hunter created the “time machine” is his fear of getting killed. Hunter will be the focal point of Episode 13 titled “The Land Of The Lost”.

Rip Hunter Still Controls Gideon

The return of Rip Hunter was not very welcoming. Hunter forced its way to the ship and has full control over Gideon (talking computer on the show). Apparently, Gideon is still loyal to Rip Hunter which is weird considering what had happened in the past. Hunter immediately mandated Gideon to initiate Spectrum Protocol which basically means disrupting the entire ship. Gone is the old Rip as the new one is very feisty. The Captain was able to steal the medallion and that spells trouble to the heroes of “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Ray Palmer Visits The Past

The ship crash landed which inevitably destroyed their delineator. Ray Palmer then noticed that they crashed landed into 69 million B.C. Palmer and the rest of the crew are in big trouble and fixing the delineator is their priority. Ray Palmer is familiar with the place because he has been there even in season one. Palmer was chased also by dinosaurs during that period and his experience in 69 Million B.C will be their edge in surviving it.

As for Rip Hunter, the plan is simple. To take over the world using the medallion and his intellectual abilities. Will the heroes catch up with Rip Hunter? Season 2 Episode 13 will be aired next Tuesday at 9 PM only in CW network.

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