'One Punch Man' Season 2 Focus Shifted On Monster Association? Saitama And Geno Make A Crossover With "Dragon Ball"

There are no definite details yet about "One Punch Man" season 2, but countless predictions are surfacing, citing how Saitama's adventures will go down. Reports are now explaining the possible story arcs that season 2 will follow, and one of which is the Monster Association-focused plot. Beyond the monsters of the organization though, Lord Boros is reportedly coming back and might succeed in avenging his previous lost.

The strongest man on Earth might be needing more than his power punch to defeat all the villains rumored to appear in "One Punch Man" season 2. The Monster Association led by Psykos is said to be the main antagonist of the installment. The unlimited forces that will go against Saitama might just force him to discover more of his abilities.

Lord Boros is one of the most resounded names appearing on spoilers for "One Punch Man" season 2. From some basis, theories claim that the villain will be back in Saitama's life after losing from the bald hero in season 1. His return is reportedly just in time when Saitama loses his powers. It is then assumed that Lord Boros will get his revenge, but will not finish off Saitama. New villains, namely Amai Mask and Metal Knight are also said to appear to challenge Saitama.

Saitama will have a difficult time in "One Punch Man" season 2 because apart from losing his abilities, he is also said to find a love that will make him fall into the darkness. However, there are no concrete spoilers yet that are out online as updates for the new season are very slow to come by. Although makers of the series assured that the installment will come out some time this year.

Meanwhile, fans of Saitama were recently treated to a hilarious crossover between "Dragon Ball Z" and "One Punch Man". The #CellGames Saga by TeamFourStar took Saitama and Genos from "One Punch Man" to fight one of Goku's most devious enemies, Cell.

In the crossover parody Genos made an effort to upgrade himself in preparation for his battle against Cell. Just when he thought he was ready for the faceoff, Genos flew over a mountain with just a single strike by Cell, leaving Saitama startled. The time came for the bout between Saitama and Cell when the alien monster decided to move their fight on another schedule. Saitama then ended up bargaining as he is set to check a grocery sale then flew to Genos to take him home.

The parody indeed served as a great treat to fans of both "One Punch Man" and "Dragon Ball" which gained over a million hit in just four days of release.

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