Gaining Experience In Overwatch Custom Games Might Be Removed

In games like Overwatch, earning experience points is of huge importance. Interestingly, players have found a much easier way to farm it. This is by way of taking advantage of the title's brand new Custom Game Browser. Sure, this might be a very good idea to have it. After all, Blizzard might have put it there for a reason or two. Apparently though, it's the other way around. Why? That's because the game's director Jeff Kaplan isn't amused. And heck, he's planning to take it down.

Players were able to discover a glitch of sort within the game's lobby system. That they could actually exploit it, as it has no time limit or whatsoever. This lead to the discovery of acquiring massive -- even close to unlimited -- XP. But for Kaplan, this isn't something that they be messing up with, as reported by PVPLive.

Kaplan iterated that in the first place, they've always known that this system in Overwatch can easily be exploited. However, they thought of giving the community the benefit of the doubt first before they totally put a restriction to it. Unfortunately, as he wrote in the official forum site of the game, players tend to abuse to gain experience points. And what's even worse? They do this while being inactive.

The game director mentioned about changes coming to the aforementioned system. In fact, the Skirmish mode in Custom Game no longer gives experience unlike before. The AFK timer, on the other hand, is now running in the said mode, too. (It's worth noting that all of these are only applied to the custom games).

The said alterations will arrive to Overwatch within a 24-hour period. It's expected to go live in all regions of the game by then. But hey, Kaplan isn't finish yet. He's even planning to put things a little bit higher. Why? That's because if this exploitation doesn't stop (or players will still find a workaround to abuse it), he'll be forced to shut it all down. While it's something that he definitely doesn't want to do, if he's left with no other options, then it's going to happen.

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