Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Registration For Online Competition Now Open

Another online competition will be happening in Pokemon Sun and Moon.  Players who will register can use Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7. In addition, they will be receiving rewards such as two Mega Stones that are not available in Gen 7 games.

How To Register In Pokemon Sun And Moon's Online Competition?

The competition in the game will be called Kanto X Alola Region Rumble. Players who wish to participate in Pokemon Sun and Moon's competition must login to their Pokemon Global Link and select Online Competitions.

They must have their Pokemon Trainer club account, Pokemon Sun and Moon game and their very own selection of Pokemon they will be using all throughout the event. According to iDigital Times, after they have registered, they must download the Digital Player ID to their games.

To access their IDs, they have to select Festival Plaza on the menu, choose Battle and Visit the Battle Spot. After that, Online Competition will appear. Now, they can get their IDs and their previous lock for their team will be erased.

Other Details For Kanto X Alola Region Rumble

The players just have to compete for three battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon's competition to have a chance in getting Pidgeotite and Steelixite. However, there is no announcement from yet Nintendo as to when will it be releasing the two Mega Stones.

There are chances that players will be facing Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko and Mimyiku during the Kanto X Alola Region Rumble. That means that the players must prepare and choose the best Pokemon that they have. Lastly, the registration is open from March 9 until March 16.

The players still have to a few days to register and prepare for the upcoming Kanto X Alola Region Rumble in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Those planning to join, should start thinking of strategy as early as today, and expect the worst thing that can happen because they may never know what can happen during the online competition.

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