Android To Overtake Microsoft Windows As The Most Popular Platform For Accessing The Web

It has been long-established that mobile transactions continuously grow in number as time pass by. It might have even reached the point where the number of mobile-made purchases has exceeded the number of purchases made via desktops. However, what comes as a surprise is that Android is about to beat Windows in being the most popular OS for using the internet.

Sure, Windows mobile is clearly not as successful as its direct rivals. This has already been pretty obvious over the years. However, most internet users would expect that Windows, as a whole, would still lead to the top operating system used in accessing the internet. Considering a number of people who rely on Windows laptops, it's easy to assume that the Microsoft-owned OS won't be taken over by a mobile platform.

Nevertheless, as per ONMSFT, web analytics organization StatCounter said that Android internet is about to take over the market. As per research, 38.6 percent of internet usage comes from Windows, largely through desktops. Android, on the other hand, ended up with a 37.4 percent figure last month, making it a little too close to Windows' number.

This new analytics figure shows a pretty drastic change, especially when comparing to the data from as recent as 2012. As per Business Insider, January 2012 results have shown that 82 percent of internet usage comes from the Windows platform and 2.2 percent comes from Android. Even the CEO of StatCounter Aodhan Cullen has shown amusement with the new data. He said that the idea that Android will match Windows would have been unimaginable five years back.

Nevertheless, BI said that this new analytics is a testament to the rapid growth of mobile and the way new platforms have changed how people access the web. The OS market share graph has clearly illustrated how Windows had a very high ranking in 2012 while Android was still struggling at the bottom. The two then met halfway as 2017 hits.

Needless to say, this new data is not only proving the success of Android. It also showed how drastically Windows usage has declined in a span of five years. Nevertheless, Windows is still the leader in desktop usage, with a large figure of 84 percent. It's the overall internet access source that Android is almost beating Windows in.

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