Overwatch Heroes Gallery Will Soon Have Character Bios On It

Almost all Overwatch players will agree that the heroes are among the interesting things about the game. Blizzard has indeed made a remarkable work on creating each character's story, all contributing to the main lore. Interestingly, the studio wants to put this information within the game -- specifically on the heroes gallery.

According to PVPLive, players will soon have the chance to know more about their favorite heroes. That's because the studio is giving them access to every affiliation, origin story and lore beat, among others within the game. The video game company basically wants to incorporate the very gist of the game's story.

The lead writer of Overwatch named Michael Chu made this exciting revelation via the official forum site of the game. He mentions about their plans to add "character biographies and story information." These will be displayed in the game, allowing players to keep track of the heroes' entirety. For now, the most feasible department will be the heroes gallery. Nonetheless, Chu iterated that there are other ideas they want to consider.

In due time, Blizzard is believed to unveil their final decision on where to incorporate these information within the game. As Chu promised, players will get to know more about this as soon as the results roll out in the near future. At least, the community has something to look forward to.

It's worth noting that Overwatch has one of the best background stories in the world of gaming. Heck, some fans even hope that the studio will resort to making a live adaptation of the game. For now, however, most of these contents can be accessed either via YouTube, comics and/or other media tools. But of course, this can be a very tiring experience. Hence, the inclusion of the lore within the game will definitely be a great addition.

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