Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Ash' Pikachu Will Soon Be Seen In The Game

Nintendo will be bringing back an iconic Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The developer said that Ash' Pikachu will be appearing in the game. Once the favorite monster is in the game, it will give exciting surprises to the players who wish to see Ash' very own hat-wearing Pikachu.

Pikachu Is Coming To Pokemon Sun And Moon

It is not the first time that Pikachu keeps on making an appearance in some Pokemon video games. The cute monster that they can capture in Pokemon Sun and Moon will be wearing Ash' signature hat. According to WWG, they can get the creature by pre-ordering a movie ticket.

The players must know that they can get different hats for their Pikachu depending on the day they will be redeeming it. If they chose to get in on April 15 until May 1, they can obtain an original Kanto or Johto hat. They can also still get the same hat from July 19 up to July 31.

As per iDigital Times, the Hoenn cap can be acquired from May 3 until May 15. However, if the players missed those days, they can still get it from Aug. 2 until Aug. 14. The Sinnoh Cap is available on May 17 to May 29 and on Aug. 16 until Aug. 28.

Special Feature Of Upcoming Pikachu

Since Pikachu will be a special guest in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo made sure that the monster will be powerful. The creature will have Pikashumium-Z and that is a Z crystal that will unlock the Z-Move 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

However, Pikachu will only be available on Japan. Players from U.S. and Europe have to wait for further announcements from Nintendo if they have the chance to get the beloved character in their Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

Hopefully, players all over the globe will have the chance to get Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is not every day that the special monster makes an appearance in any Pokemon video games.

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