Overwatch Hero Symmetra Actually Has Autism

This has been written and/or said over and over again - Overwatch triumphs in having a very interesting roster of heroes. Unlike any other games, Blizzard's title captures the hearts of every player with the kind of story each character has. As what most fans would say, the studio has done a remarkable job in putting the right mix. And now? There's another interesting revelation, and this time around, it involves Symmetra.

According to Polygon, the game's very own director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed a fan speculation about the hero being autistic. This has long been a topic within the community, but only this time it was straightened up. Players have always wondered why the character, compared to others, somewhat displays a rather odd yet interesting behavior.

The big reveal was made by the Overwatch director after posting of a photo on Tumblr. This image, which eventually became viral, includes Kaplan's description of the highlighted hero named Symmetra. Apparently, she is among the most thought-provoking and intelligent heroes in the game. Why? That's because she has autism.

Kaplan said in the letter about how overwhelmed he is with Overwatch being a medium for Samuel's (the recipient) sibling relationship. Here, he went to say how "astute" it is for the fan to notice Symmetra's mentioning of the spectrum in the world of comics. It is also in the letter where he confirmed the hero's autism. And that despite this, nothing can stop her from being an awesome person.

Blizzard later on confirmed with the aforementioned publication about how accurate the letter was. That indeed, the previously mentioned hero has this kind of mental condition. In the comic titled A Better World, the character describes herself as somewhat "different" from the others. It is when she used the term "spectrum," where speculations about her condition rose.

Interestingly, the fans of Overwatch appreciated the way the studio introduced her. The most interesting part here? The video game company did not entirely diagnosed her of the condition at the first place. It is as if they have given the fans the chance to discover it themselves.

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