Here's Why Nintendo Switch Games Are So Expensive

There were new details about the manufacturing process that provide information as to why Nintendo Switch games truly cost high. A new report says that it is indeed more costly to put a game on the Nintendo Switch cartridge rather than putting on a Blu-ray disc like that of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. This might be a good explanation about why multi-platform games such as RIME may charge more on the console as compared to other systems.

According to Eurogamer, it is possible that the size of the new Nintendo Switch game cartridges are the main reason why it is expensive. This is because Switch cartridges are 1GB and 32GB in size, thus the bigger the game, the bigger the cost. Even if purchasing cartridges in bulk can somewhat lessen the cost of the bigger size, the publication says that Nintendo Switch indie developers cannot take advantage of this despite their expectations of selling the game.

Additionally, Nintendo has made a policy about its games on the console's eShop. It says that it should have the same price as the physical versions, according to Game Rant. It only means that publishers and developers are not able to offer buyers a discount even if there are no manufacturing price issues. This was reportedly done so that they can keep the retailer of the physical media on its site. According to the statement of the developer of Snake Pass, they do not want to penalize players for the platform where they purchase their game.

A lot of players on social media have understood why the Switch cartridges may cost higher in production, however they have also aired out their anger on the anti-consumer physical and digital pricing policy. Nintendo will also have to keep retailers sweet and retailers have to also give the console a safe space on their shelves in any case that it will sell better.


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