Is LawBreakers Really An Overwatch Clone?

While there are some who won't agree, many believe that Overwatch is a totally different kind of shooter game. Well, it is, though it borrowed the concept of pioneer titles such as Team Fortress 2. Regardless, it's a fact that this Blizzard game is quite unique on its own way. And this is also the very reason why players -- not all of them -- tend to raise a brow when a near-duplicate of it rises. They're basically referring to LawBreakers.

According to PC Gamer, Overwatch has been compared to various games, of the same genre, of today. Take for instance Battleborn and Paladins, though the latter is seriously close to Blizzard's. This is what Cliff Bleszinski's up-and-coming game is experiencing. It's worth noting that he's made a name out of being the lead designer of the titular Gears of War.

Apparently, Bleszinski has his own two cents to share to the community. For him, it's something he's grown accustomed to. After all, he's been "dealing" with this sort of thing for his entire career. In fact, as he explained, human beings love to "pattern-match" things. So, in one way or another, there's nothing he can do but accept the fact that it's just relative. It's human nature.

The popular gaming designer also shared a comparison players made between LawBreakers characters and D.Va from Overwatch. That his heroes who possess Gatling guns are quite similar to the latter, who has two rotating automatic canons equipped. He remembered how a certain "kid" was trolling him about this comparison on Instagram.

As of this writing, Bleszinski is all about hoping big things for his forthcoming title. He also admits being glad about the success of Overwatch, as it somehow gives significance to the genre, as noted by GamingBolt. Unfortunately for him, there are people who'll continue to compare games with one another. For now, it's up to the designer to make a stand and prove that LawBreakers isn't a game heavily inspired by Blizzard's. Or at least, it's not trying to be one.

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