Microsoft Wants To Take On Siri With Revamped Cortana For iPhone

Microsoft just recently overhauled its Cortana app for iOS. The Windows-maker made its app simpler, faster and more enticing than its previous versions. Although the iPhone already has Siri as a native digital assistant, this did not stop Microsoft from bettering its own AI assistant in the rival's platform. This could be the company's subtle move to take on Apple's popular feature.

Cortana On iOS: Features

The new Cortana for iPhone now has an improved performance. Trusted Reviews said that the app loads much faster and Cortana is able to listen to the user as soon as the app is opened. A dedicated home-screen also makes the app a little more convenient. This screen displays the carded data such as recommended news and details pulled from the user's email. There is also an option to search for web data, but since it's a Microsoft-owned tool, the search engine will be Bing.

There are also a number of tasks that you can complete while in the Cortana app. This includes sending emails, checking the weather and setting alarms or reminders. Apple Insider said that tapping an icon from the lower left while in-app will also bring up quick options for various commands without needing voice instructions. Needless to say, since Cortana for iOS is a mere third-party app, there are still some things that Microsoft's tool cannot do that a native app can do.

Cortana On iOS: Restrictions

Considering that the app in question is Microsoft's and the platform in question is Apple's, it's safe to say that Cortana's power is limited in its own app. Outside the third-party app, Microsoft's digital assistant can do nothing. This is in contrast to what Siri can do, as Apple's own AI assistant can be activated virtually anywhere within the iOS platform.

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